Why I switched to a Money Clamp

I switched from a traditional wallet to a Money Clamp over 10 years ago. Why? Let me tell you.

First, the wallet in my back pocket was visibly leaving a mark on my pants like a tin of tobacco. It was an easy mark for pick pockets and running my wardrobe at the same time. The front pock money clip was a great solution to these issue. Second, it forced me to streamline what I was carrying everyday. I used to Cary all kinds of credit cards, insurance cards, receipts gift cards etc. now I carry 5 cards total and the rest stays in my briefcase. Much lighter, much more efficient.

Lastly, the Money Clamp looks fantastic. The silver Milan a Zurich models are classic looking and very sophisticated. The Munich model with the bottle opener is more industrial but also is sleek and refined.

I will never use anything but a Money Clamp for these reasons. If you haven’t switched to the front pocket Money Clamp yet, do it for one or all of these reasons. You might find a few reasons of your own.

Munich Croc