Get rid of unhealthy wallets

Do you carry a wallet that is more than 2″ thick? Do you carry said wallet in your back pocket?
If you answered “yes”, it’s time for a change.


The fat wallet is unsafe, unhealthy and unorganized. Its not safe because it is easily stolen and valuable items may fall out. It’s unhealthy because you a re ruining your back and hips by sitting on a fat wallet. It’s called “wallet sciatica” and can be found in the American Medical journal. It’s unorganized because anyone carrying that much “stuff” has important items mixed in with items that are less important. No need for most of that “stuff” on a daily basis.

So do yourself a favor. Get a front pocket, less than 2″ thick, RFID Blocking system for carrying your cash and cards. It’s a life changer.

Something for Ladies

cocktailappletini_microblkAdmittedly, the Money Clamp products are geared for Men primarily. It’s a great way for men to carry their cash and cards, which every man has to choose some ways. There are some products, if not as many as their should be, that are useful to women
The mini clamps that come with microfiber wallet, not RFID, is great to organize cash and a few credit cards and an ID inside a purse. A light and attractive clamp can pull together a messy purse and let you take essential als with you when you don’t want to take your whole purse.

These mini clamps ca

Silver Money Clip Perfected


The Zurich silver money clip by Money Clamp is the ultimate front pocket money clip. 3 Reasons why this silver money clip is so good.

1. The patented Memory Flex provides trmendous hold on the cash and wallet. As little as one bill or as many as 25 bills and the wallet, the hold is secure.
2. The double silver coating is strong enough to last for years and provides a fantastic finish for personalization
3. It looks elegant and sophisticated. Simply a stunning Silver money clip

Money Clamps great for Corporate Christmas Gifts

Money Clamp Corp

If you are looking for a great Corporate gift for your customers and/or employees, look no further than the Money Clamp line of products. All Money Clamp logos can be expertly etched with a corporate logo or individual initials. The Money Clamps come with a Leather, RFID wallet that can also be customized.

The packaging may be the best thing about the Money Clamp Product. Zurich models come packaged, standard, in a leather valet box. All other models come in a sturdy, cardboard box that is easy to handle or wrap at 5.5″ x 4.35″ x1.5″.

Total processing time is usually under 3 weeks. The staff will work with you on your logo and show you a proof before you order. You’ll be happy and so will your customers if you give Money clamps this Holiday Season.

Maintaining the shine on your Money Clamp

Many people ask how to maintain the great shine on their Silver Zurich or Silver Milan Money Clamp. The answer is to clean it on a regular basis especially if it is used every day. The double coated silver Money Clamps can be cleaned with silver polish.

We use Weiman Silver wipes. Simply wipe in a circular motion to remove dirt or tarnish, rinse with warm water, then dry. Once dry, buff it with a soft cloth. Your Money clamp will look like new again. This process also works on the Money Clamp Gunmetal finish.

We hope this tip helps and thanks for your loyalty to Money Clamp!

It is time for the New Camouflage Geneva!


This is Money Clamp’s newest product! The Original Geneva model now comes in a camouflage finish! The digital camo is perfect for the outdoorsman or the patriotic, or both! This model comes with a cloth, Ripstop wallet with RFID protection. The Money Clamp will make a perfect gift for someone’s first Money Clamp or a “Second” clamp that folks use to carry cash and cards to the hunting fields.

The Camo edition is made with the same quality and offers the same warranty as our other fine products.

The Munich is back!

MC Munich  IMG_4601-e

The popular Money Clamp Munich sold out in June and has just recently been added back to the Money Clamp inventory!
What is so great about the Munich? Let me tell you.

1. It has a beautiful satin finish that looks sleek and modern
2. It is the only Money Clamp with a fully functional bottle opener built right in.
3. It comes with a Croc print, RFID wallet. So you’re safe and looking great.
4. See #2!

Hope you like the Munich Money Clamp!

Why I switched to a Money Clamp

I switched from a traditional wallet to a Money Clamp over 10 years ago. Why? Let me tell you.

First, the wallet in my back pocket was visibly leaving a mark on my pants like a tin of tobacco. It was an easy mark for pick pockets and running my wardrobe at the same time. The front pock money clip was a great solution to these issue. Second, it forced me to streamline what I was carrying everyday. I used to Cary all kinds of credit cards, insurance cards, receipts gift cards etc. now I carry 5 cards total and the rest stays in my briefcase. Much lighter, much more efficient.

Lastly, the Money Clamp looks fantastic. The silver Milan a Zurich models are classic looking and very sophisticated. The Munich model with the bottle opener is more industrial but also is sleek and refined.

I will never use anything but a Money Clamp for these reasons. If you haven’t switched to the front pocket Money Clamp yet, do it for one or all of these reasons. You might find a few reasons of your own.

Munich Croc

And if you need a great graduation gift…….

Try a Money Clamp! Anyone person who is graduating to the next stage of life will need a little help managing their cash and cards. The Money Clamp is the perfect, front pocket organizer. It’s sleek, stylish and comes with an RFID wallet. College grads will enjoy the Munich model complete with bottle opener! The high school grad will go for the Geneva Black Matte or Geneva Black Mini Cash Clamp. All models can be personalized with your grad’s monogram. Have a great season!