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How the Money Clamp Works

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Geneva Overview

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Let’s break it down…

Money Clamp Features:

  • Patented design clamps your cash and credit cards in place – Holds 6 credit cards and 25 bills
  • Lightweight low-profile design – Fits comfortably in your front pocket
  • Engineered to last – Won’t lose grip over time
  • Engravable – Ideal for corporate gifts/events, groomsmen gifts and special occasions

Moneyclamp Blog

Get rid of unhealthy wallets

Do you carry a wallet that is more than 2" thick? Do you carry said wallet in your back pocket? ...
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Something for Ladies

Admittedly, the Money Clamp products are geared for Men primarily. It's a great way for men to carry their cash ...
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Silver Money Clip Perfected

The Zurich silver money clip by Money Clamp is the ultimate front pocket money clip. 3 Reasons why this silver ...
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Customized Money Clips

3 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW 1. Money Clamps can be customized to your needs 2. Your logo can be used ...
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Money Clamps great for Corporate Christmas Gifts

If you are looking for a great Corporate gift for your customers and/or employees, look no further than the Money ...
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Maintaining the shine on your Money Clamp

Many people ask how to maintain the great shine on their Silver Zurich or Silver Milan Money Clamp. The answer ...
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It is time for the New Camouflage Geneva!

This is Money Clamp's newest product! The Original Geneva model now comes in a camouflage finish! The digital camo is ...
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The Munich is back!

The popular Money Clamp Munich sold out in June and has just recently been added back to the Money Clamp ...
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Why I switched to a Money Clamp

I switched from a traditional wallet to a Money Clamp over 10 years ago. Why? Let me tell you. First, ...
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And if you need a great graduation gift…….

Try a Money Clamp! Anyone person who is graduating to the next stage of life will need a little help ...
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