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Chip Thompson photoMoney Clamp is a product born out of the need to make the World more efficient, healthier, safer and more secure. Inventor and Entrepreneur Chip Thomson patented this revolutionary product in 2006 because he was tired and embarrassed to carry his cash and credit cards with a paper binder clip any longer. He loved the function, but hated the look, so he invented 4 Money Clamp models that not only function great but look fantastic, too.

The Money Clamp is EFFICIENT because it can carry as few as one single bill or as many as 25 with the same ease. It’s HEALTHY because it eliminates the hazard of sitting on a fat wallet while at the desk or in the car. Money Clamp is SAFE because carry it in your front pocket and the “back” pocket is the “pick” pocket. Money Clamp is SECURE because an RFID Blocking card holder is included with all Money Clamps.

Money Clamp is marketed worldwide and sold over 100,000 units. Loyal customers purchase Money Clamp online, in retail outlets, and at specialty shows. The Money Clamp makes an excellent personal gift, event keepsake and corporate marketing tool. All products can be personalized to order.
Money Clamp is marketed and distributed exclusively by Golf Hospitality Associates, Inc. of Austin, Texas. GHA also owns and operates the Austin Golf Trail and the San Antonio Golf Trail.

Money Clamp only sold through the www.moneyclamp.com website and through authorized retailers, we do not sell on Amazon, and cannot warrant products purchased through Amazon.

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